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Beware of falling turtles' Journal

25th December, 2006. 12:56 am. Christmas special!

Unedited, unproof-ed, utterly random... but finished on time! 

~Random Story:  Christmas spin-off~

A chilly breeze caused the bunny to shiver from her large fluffy feet to the tips of her long white ears.
“I’m cold!” It hoped into the backpack 2H2PWS carried on her back and closed the flap with it’s ears, curling into a small furry ball.
“Hey cat! Are you sure you know where you are going?”
The cat was curled around the princess’ shoulder like a scarf and consulting a huge map that floated a few inches in front of him.
“Yes, of course.” Cat flicked open a compass and made some notes on his map. Next he, pulled out a quadrant, chronometer, and sextant, and made measurements with each of those instruments before entering all the data into a handheld computer which beeped and whirled and spat out long sheets of calculations.
“According to my measurements… we are almost in Florida, and will be in Hawaii in a few days.”
“Are you sure? I swore I saw a penguin on that last ice berg we passed.”
“Must be your imagination.”
2H2PWS yanked her boots from two feet of snow.
“Then why is there so much snow?”
“It’s global warming.”
“Umm, then shouldn’t it be warmer?” Asked the Princess.
“Nah, only up north. It’s Newton’s law. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.”
The 2H2PWS frowned thoughtfully. “That sounds familiar… which means it must make sense.”
“Well I hope we get somewhere soon, it’s getting dark, and I’m getting hungry.”
“Hey! I see a light!” Announced the bunny, who had perched herself on 2H2PWS’ head, much to the latter’s annoyance.
The weary travelers picked up their pace and soon came upon a large, brightly lit building surrounded by equally brightly lit cottages. Everything was painted shades of red and green and covered by strings of colorful lights. Occasionally, bursts of joyous music came from nowhere. In the center was an enormous pine tree covered with ornaments and crowned with a gold star.
“Wow… it’s so shiny. No… must resist… ahhhhhhhhh.” The cat pounced onto the closest string of light and quickly became tangled up in them.
2H2PWS laid a hand on her sword. “Careful. This might be a trap laid by our enemies… what are you doing bunny?”
The bunny has hopped forward in front of a cottage, nose twitching. “Food!” She stopped infront of an oddly shaped post and took a bite. “Yum! Candy!” She quickly proceeded to devouver the entire white and red stripped post (shaped like a cane).
“This entire place is made from candy…”
Muttered the princess pulling a piece of wall from a cottage and popping it in her mouth. “Mmm, gingerbread.”
2H2PWS walked over to a small white hill and jabbed her sword through it. “Chocolate… a mountain of white chocolate. This must be heaven.”
“So what is this place?” Asked the princess.
“Who knows? Who cares?” Answered the 2H2PWS. She had sliced out a huge block of chocolate when her sword and was trying to lift it. She partially succeeded before it fell on top of her.
The cat dashed back and forth gathering a huge pile of lights, tassels, and ornaments. Bunny has started to nibble at the base of a cottage so the whole structure now leaned precariously to one side.
“Hey!” All of them turned at the voice. The speaker was a short skinny fellow, oddly dressed in red overalls and crooked green cap with a bushy pointed beard.
“Who are you? And what are you doing?”
“We are the terrible quartet!” Announced the bunny hopping over. Cocking a ear, she asked. “Who are YOU?”
“I’m an elf… isn’t it obvious?” He looked around, and glared at them. “A fine mess you’ve made. And on the busiest day of the year! Well I don’t have time to deal with you. If you go home, I won’t repot you to the boss and you will still get your presents.”
“But we are on an adventure! We can’t go home yet!”
“Yeah… we are having so much fun…” 2H2PWS eyed her slab of chocolate longingly.
“Kid, everyone goes home on Christmas eve.” He clapped his hands and whistled. “Here Prancer! Take these pranksters home!”
A beautiful reindeer trotted from the trees. It’s large antlers were covered in soft velvet and it’s coat was a glossy reddish brown.
“Make it quick. You have to be back in time for the boss to make the first delivery.” The reindeer snorted and nodded it’s head.
“C’mon now, get going. You… leave that stuff behind.” The elf picked up the cat and shook him until all the shiny things it had taken fell from his inter-dimensional pockets.
The cat bristled indignantly as the elf stomped his way back to the largest building.
“Should we go?” Asked the Princess. They looked at the reindeer, and looked at each other.
“Nahhhh.” They said at the same time.
They turned to follow the elf, but found their path blocked by the angry looking reindeer who snorted and pawed the ground menacingly.
The four of them backed away slowly. The cat hastily dug through his inter-dimensional pockets.
“Aha! Inflatable Santa!” They watched as the Santa shaped balloon floated away with the reindeer chasing after it.
“Now that the coast is clear…”
The four of them quietly snuck into the main building. It was brightly lit and extremely busy. Large machines clanked and churned out presents that were carted along conveyer belts. Elves scurried along the sides sorting, wrapping gifts, and packing them into an enormous red bag.
“Wow…look at all this.” Said 2H2PWS as they crept along the wall. “I wonder if they have swords… mine is getting kind of rusting from all the rain, snow, and falling-in-rivers-and-moats.”
“Mmm.” Muttered the cat distractedly, eyeing a large bag of catnip moving on the conveyor belt, measuring the distance in between and wondering if he can make a quick grab without anyone noticing.
“Where’s the bunny?”
Princess scanned the factory floor.
“Uh oh.” A box of candy canes on the conveyor belt moved suspiciously. The lid was briefly lifted by a pair of white ears before an elf grabbed the box and nimbly wrapped it in snowman patterned paper. He tossed it to another elf who stuck a bright red bow on top, checked off a line on a long sheet of paper, and stuffed it into the bulging present bag.
“That’s the last one boss.” Said another elf, rolling up the sheet of paper and handing it to rotund, white bearded man dressed all in red.
The bearded man gave a hearty laugh (that sounded suspiciously like hohoho) and heaved the bag over his shoulder.
“Excellent, excellent. We are going to make all of our deliveries on time this year. Where is Prancer? I didn’t see him outside. Ah, nevermind, we’ll do with out him for the first round. I’m off now.”
“Good luck boss.”
“Gah.. he’s getting away with the bunny!”
The three of them rushed outside just in time to see the sleigh taking off.
“Quick!” Yelled 2H2PWS. She sprinted forward and jumped and grabbed onto the runners as the sleigh took into the air. She let out a faint oof as something heavy latched onto her feet. It was the princess with the cat clinging on to her shoulders.
“No… more…chocolate…for… you.” Puffed 2H2PWS as she struggled to hang on. They dangled beneath the sleigh like an ugly kite’s tail, the ground a blur beneath them and the wind whistling by their ears. After what felt like a long long time, the sleigh finally started to slow down…and unfortunately, descend.
“Arrggggh, treeeeee- Omph! …stupid pines and their needles…”
“Ppppt, ewwww, feathers… why are there birds flying around this late at night??”
“Telephone po-!”
Their ride came to an abrupt halt when a sharp swerve of the sleigh sent them careening into a strategically placed wooden pole. They stayed stuck against the pole for a moment before sliding slowly on to the ground.
“Owwwww…” Bruised and battered, they limped to their feet.
“Shoot, we lost them…”
“No, look there!” Princess pointed to where the sleigh perched on a roof, it’s owner nowhere to be seen. They hobbled their way to the correct house, and peered in through the window. All was quiet, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
“Isn’t this illegal?” Whispered the 2H2PWS as the cat magicked open the window.
“Tell that to the big guy. He does it every year.” They crept silently to the living room. A cheery fire burned in the fireplace, stocking hung neatly from the mantelpiece. A Christmas tree sparkled faintly in the dim light, presents were piled high beneath it. One of the presents jiggled.
The present jiggled harder. With a sound of tearing paper, a leg, and then three more popped out from the bottom. The wrapping paper covered present hopped cheerfully towards them. Princess picked it up and tore off the paper and lid, revealing the bunny when half eaten candy canes scattered all around her.
“Gah… you are so much trouble. Let’s get going.”

15 minutes later…
“I’m cold.”
“I’m hungry.”
“I’m wet.”
“I’m tired.”
With a sign, the Prince flopped down onto the snow. “You know, I think we’ve had enough adventuring for the year.”
“Yeah…” The cat curled up besides her. “I want to nap besides a nice warm fire.”
“While drinking hot chocolate” Added the princess.
“We should take a holiday. Even heroes need a few days off each year”
“Let’s go home!”
“Good idea!”
“But how do we get there?”


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11th May, 2006. 8:53 pm. The Story

Chapter 1- in which the terrible trio sets out.
Long, long ago (last year), in a land far, far away (Maryland), lived a cat, a hamster-horse-hentai-prince, a bunny and a sleeping princess in their castle in the sky (don’t ask how they got up there, it’s complicated). They lived happily, occasionally terrorizing the castle staff. The cat (really a cat-boy, but prefering to be a cat most of the time) could do some magic and spent most of his time magicking up balls of yarn and other shiny objects and chasing them around the castle, occasionally tripping and bumping into walls, but always landing on his feet. Occasionally, he would play with the hamster-horse-hentai-prince (HHHP for short). But it was difficult because HHHP randomly turned into a hamster/horse/hentai/prince whenever anyone said “I love you Karen!” which the bunny did every 10 seconds. Thus, no one has really seen what the HHHP actually looked like between her multiple transformations. Once in a while, they might go to the far end of the castle to visit the sleeping princess, who always remained sleeping despite the cat’s efforts to tickle her with a feather, moving only once in a while to flatten the cat with a giant hammer (where she got the hammer or how she can whack so accurately while asleep is a mystery to this day).

One day, after being flattened by the umpteenth time, the cat came up with a brilliant idea (a result, no doubt, of too much trauma to the brain), “Why don’t we go outside?”
“Brilliant idea! Brilliant brilliant brilliant!” chirped the bunny, bouncing all over the room (off the walls, ceiling, chandelier, etc.) The Princess chose this time to let out a snore, which the cat took to be a sign of approval.
“Squeak! Squeak!”
“I love you Karen!”
The hamster on the floor turned into a handsome prince.
“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” said the Prince after she had finished chasing the bunny all over the room with a sword for turning her into a hamster. She finally managed to catch it after the cat helpfully summoned a ceiling high pile of lettuce. The rabbit had immediately dived into the pile (Yummy!) and consumed all of it. Unfortunately, it became too rotund for it’s feet to reach the ground and now lay grumbling under a (large) basket the prince had trapped it under.
“Then it is settled,” declared the cat from where he was grooming (while waiting for her to stop chasing the bunny).
With that, the three friends set out to unleash upon the world, horrors unknown to mankind.

Chapter 2- in which the terrible trio becomes the terrible quartet
On second thought, setting out was not as easy as the trio had imagined. The cat had to go through the entire castle, collecting all the catnip he had hidden (in case of an emergency). The bunny (who had escaped from the basket), was bouncing around going “Yah! Outside! Outside! Whee!” While the HHHP attempted to catch it (a difficult task considering how she kept on changing between a horse/hamster/etc.) The princess was, well sleeping. However, this problem was solved by the bunny going “I love you Karen!” one last time and turning HHHP into a horse, and the cat levitating the princess on the HHHP’s back (the cat also took the time to apply a sticking charm as the ride would be none too steady with the HHHP chasing after the bunny half of the time). The cat also stuck a large sack of catnip on the bunny so it now wobbled instead of hopped around. “Off we go!” declared the cat, hastily leaping aside to avoid one of HHHP’s hooves. The trio stepped out the castle gates…

And directly into the moat.

“What happened to the bridge?” bounced the bunny excitedly on HHHP’s back (having already consumed half of the catnip). HHHP regarded the knee-high moat with some distaste.
“It might be those industrial strength termites that also ate our furniture.”
“Ahhhhhh! Help! Can’t swim! Errrrrk! Er- Oh wait, I can do magic. Levitate!” The cat lifted it self out of the moat and on to the other bank. Another spell dried his fur… albeit a little too quickly for now he looked like a large puff ball. HHHP climbed up the bank, and shook her legs (spraying the cat once again with moat water). “Ok, where to next?”
It was at this moment the bunny chose to announce “I love you Karen!”
The HHHP (now a hamster) was completely flattened by the princess falling on top of her.
“Bad bunny! Look at what you’ve done!” Muttered the cat quickly peeling the HHHP off the ground and giving it a shake. It flapped pitifully in the breeze.
“Great… now what do we do? We need the HHHP to carry the princess.”
The bunny stopped bouncing and sat down, chewing one of its own ears in thought. The cat was so amazed that the bunny had a brain and could use it he barely heard when she spoke.
“Well… we could get a handsome woodcutter to kiss the princess…”
“Hmmm, that’s not a bad idea.” Said the cat, (while discreetly checking the sky to make sure it had not fallen). He trotted over to a rock and waved a paw.
Into existence came the most handsome man the world has laid eyes upon…. Or not.
“Ewww!” Exclaimed the bunny. “He’s not cute.”
“Fine.” Muttered the cat, waving his paw again.
“Too short”
“Eyes are not the right color”
“Hair is too messy”
“Too Asian.”
“Ah perfect.”
“Finally” Growled the cat under his breath. Pointing one claw at the man, he said. “Now go kiss her, you dimwit.”
The %100 charming man smiled a dazzling smile and crossed over to the sleeping princess. Before he could kneel down, the princess’s eyes snapped open. “Ooooooh, cute guy!” She quickly sat up and grabbed his hands. “Will you stay with me forever and ever and ever and be my samurai, and knight in shining armor and protect me forever forever forever?”
“Let’s go get married right away! We must be destined to be! You are the only one for me, love of my life!”
She threw herself into his arms and clung on with the freakish strength of a teenage girl.
“My brave and handsome and-“
With difficulty, the man pried her off and ran for his life.
“Wait! What's your phone number! … Awww, he was cute too.” sighed the princess.
The cat looked sadly after him, his whiskers drooping, “My finest creation, gone! Oh, woe is me!”
The bunny hoped about happily. “Yah! Now we are the terrible quartet. It has a nice ring to it don’t you think? Eh? Eh?”
The world shuddered in fear.

Chapter 3 In which they encounter numerous magical things
The princess, (finally getting over her 99999th lost boyfriend), picked up the HHHP (still in her state of unconciousness brought upon by sudden impact) and placed her in her dress pocket. “So where are we going?” She asked the cat.
“Hmmm…” He comtemplated for a long time before replying. “ Somewhere with lot’s of catnip.” He tossed a glare at the bunny, who was hopping about with an empty sack. “Let’s find a magician who can lift this curse upon me.” Exclaimed the princess.
“What curse…? Don’t tell me you are still sleep walking...”
“No you idiot. The curse of chasing-after-every-cute-guy-I-see!”
“Isn’t that just part of your personality.” Muttered the cat out of ear shot.
“Pity me, this poor little princess! The 99998th potential boyfriend put a sleeping curse upon me-“
“Not a very effective one.” Commented the cat.
“-before running off! Breaking my heart and cursing me… THAT BASTARD!” She stomped her foot, splitting the ground beneath her.
“I can’t blame him.” Muttered the cat.
“Anyhow… let’s be off! There’s an entire world of boys out there… just waiting for me!”
“You wish.” Grumbled the cat, trotting after her. “C’mon bunny.”
“Oooh! We’re going?! Yah! Yah! Ya-”
The bunny suddenly went rigid and toppled to the ground. Thump!
“Oh dear…” The Princess poked the still form of the bunny. “What happened to the white furry thingy?”
“Hmmm, I believe it’s a ‘nap-attack’ This is how she stores energy so she can be hyper all the time.”
“How long will it take for her to wake up?”
“Dunno, could be a minute, or a year.”
“A year! I can’t live with out cute guys for that long!”
”… don’t make me turn you into a goldfish.”
“Maybe we can take her to the magical healing pond?”
“Good idea… it might help her recover faster. But do you know where it is?”
“Sure!” Said the Princess cheerfully. “Right this way…”
They walked a little way to a clearing with a pool of water in the middle.
“Let’s throw the poor HHHP in first, she’s still knocked out cold….”
“She doesn’t look like she’s healing… are you sure this is the pond of healing?”
“Hmmm, maybe it was the clearing in the opposite direction…”
“Then what is this?”
“Erhhhh.” She looked around and spotted sign.

Cursed Pond
Beware! Do not swim, touch, drink, the water! This is where a watermelon, flying pillow, and senpai drowned. The management is not responsible for any irresponsible use of the pond water for magical experiments. For further information, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1800-magical-water-treatment-center. Press 1 for the magical transformations department. If you have no fingers to press the keypad, please hold and someone will assist you.
A pillow flew out of the pond and started beating both of them on the head.
“Gah! Gah! Stop! Stop! Help! Argh… I love you Karen!”
An angry looking Asian person seized the cat and shook him while jabbering in Japanese.
“Eeep! It’s not my fault! I swear! I can’t understand what you are saying!”
“I love you Karen!” Yelled the princess hastily.
The cat jumped hastily out of the way as the rolling watermelon nearly ran him over.
“Mmmmm….rh? Food? FOOOD!” The rabbit jumped out of the Princess’s arms and chased after the watermelon who immediately ran for her life.
“Crap! I love you Karen!”
“Oooh, breasts!” The hentai leapt for the Princess and was promptly whacked by a large hammer.
“Mrf… I love you Karen!”
The Prince glared at them reprovingly. “Now look at what you’ve done!”
“Made you the hamster-horse-hentai-prince-watermelon-pillow-senpai (HHHPPWS)?”
“2H2PWS for short!” Added the bunny helpfully.
“You have to admit this is an improvement from squashed and unconscious.”
2H2PWS gave a heavy sigh and buried her head in her hands.
“Well let’s get going shall we?” Said the Princess cheerfully. She took a few steps and paused. “Where are we going again?”
“Somewhere with catnip.” Suggested the cat.
“Somewhere with food.” Piped up the bunny”
“A place to break my curse.” Said the Prince.
“Ah! I know just the place.”
“The home of the fabulous-stupendous-miraculous-supreme Magician!”
“What a stupid name…”
“No worse than hamster-horse-hentai-prince-watermelon-pillow-senpai”
“How do we get there?”
“Hmm, I’m not too sure. You see, he tends to move around a lot. Too many people want him to grant them wishes… and then there are those damn telemarketers and door to door salesman.”
“Oh! I know! We should go find the supreme-all-seeing mirror! It will show us where the what’s his name Magician is.”
Everyone voiced their agreement. The quartet than proceeded to find the mirror and arrive at the Magician’s house, and all their problems were solved. Alas, life is not as simple as that…

“Ok, who’s stupid idea was this…”
“Well at least I led us to the right place this time.”
“Yes… but you neglected to mention that the mirror is in a CAVE, guarded by a fire breathing DRAGON.”
The said 20 foot dragon snarl fiercely at them and snorted a trickle of smoke.
“Erh… I guess I forgot about that minor detail.”
“You are a Prince right? Aren’t you suppose to slay dragons.”
“I guess so…” Said the Prince dubiously, eyeing the ugly monster.
She stepped forward and drew her sword, striking a exaggerated pose.
“Come forth and do battle vile beast!” A breeze blew her cloak around her dramatically and the rest of the group half expected to hear trumpets playing in the background.
“I shall plunge my sword through thou’s evil heart and slay-- Eeeeep!” The prince scrambled backwards and fell just a terrific burst of flames shot over her hair and singed the edge of her cape. The cat, bunny, and princess hastily made room for her as she beat an undignified retreat and dove behind the boulder where they were hiding.
“You were suppose to FIGHT the dragon. Not RUN from it!”
“I am fighting it! That was just…ummm, to lure it into a false sense security! It was a planned and strategic move!”
“Ok….” Said the cat doubtfully. “What are you going to do next?”
“Hmmm, I need something to distract it.” She picked up the bunny and threw it out into the battlefield. “That ought to do it.”
“Hi Mr. Big and Ugly” Shouted the bunny cheerfully, waggling her ears at the growling dragon. She hopped aside as a blast of flame burned the ground where she had stood. “Ooooh, are we playing tag? Yah! Can’t catch me! Can’t catch me!” She bounced happily around the baffled dragon, who kept on spitting flame, but couldn’t hit the small white fluffy thing around it’s foot.
“What now?” Asked the cat peering over the boulder.
At that moment, the dragon suddenly coughed, and belched out a cloud thick smoke. It coughed again, but no more fire emerged from it’s mouth.
“Yes! It worked! Now go kill it!”
A deafening roar shattered made them all clap hands (or paws) to their ears.
“I think it’s really pissed off now.”
“Oh crud…” The dragon turned away from the bunny and slowly advanced on the boulder they were hiding behind. An angry swish of it’s tailed knocked down a row of trees like bowling pins. It’s claws crushed boulders the size of cars like they were made from glass. Each step it took shook the ground.
Meanwhile… behind the boulder.
“You go!”
“No! You go!”
“You are a Prince!”
“Yes, but I’m not an idiot! Did you size the size of that thing? Knock it out with your magic!”
“I’m a cat! Not a war mage! And I don’t fancy becoming a flattened and dead cat.”
“Well I don’t plan on being dinner for a dragon either!”
“Oh shut up both of you!”
The Princess stood up, dusted her self off primly, and walked daintitly up to the astonished dragon.
“You are getting dust on me. And you are wasting my time that could be better used in hunting down cute guys. That’s unforgivable.” Then she punched it.
The dragon let out a weak groan, it’s eyes rolled back, and it collapsed with a deafening thud.
She turned around and looked at the Prince and the Cat who’s jaws have dropped to around their knees. “Shall we get going?” She asked sweetly.
“Good grief… what does she eat?” Whispered the Prince to the Cat.
The bunny looked disappointedly at the knocked out dragon. “Awww, the game is over?”

Chapter 3- The Magical Mirror (with an attitude)... and a minor mishap
“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Said the Princess, looking into the mirror with intense concentration.
“We are suppose to be asking for the what’s his name Magician.” The Prince reminded her.
“Oh, right.”
They have been talking to the mirror for half an hour. They have already tried the most popular incantations, however, the surface has remain stubbornly blank.
The Cat had summoned a spell book “Intermediat’s guide to mirrored magical objects” and was leaving through it. The bunny had disappeared into the cave somewhere. The prince was examining the piles of gold, jewelry, weapons, and other treasures (occasionally stuffing some in her pockets).
“Find anything yet?” Asked the Prince, idly swinging a jeweled sword.
The cat clapped his paws together and the book disappeared with a faint poof.
“No, I guess we can always try the direct approach. But by Merlin, I hate talking to inanimate objects…they always have an attitude problem.”
The cat padded over to the mirror and tapped the glass with one paw.
“Hello? Hello?! Anyone there?” When there was no reply, he rapped harder.
“Alright alright! Stop making a racket!” Yelled a cranky voice.
A face materialized in the mirror wearing a nasty scowl.
“Hi mirror, we were wondering if you could tell us-“
“Go away!”
“Well first can you…”
“Shoo! Shoo! Annoying visitors…. Always interrupting during best part…” He turned around to look at something behind him. “YES! Good one! Chop that sucker’s head off! Get him! Yah!”
The cat peered and barely made out two armored knights fighting each other in the background.
“A tournament duel?” Asked the Prince during him.
“Well, he is a seeing mirror…” Just then the mirror let out a groan.
“Ah damn… so close, he would have won if he didn’t trip over the shaft of his spear… Geez, how much do I owe the future telling mirror now? I’m never making bets with him again… stupid seers always picks the winning side.”
“Not too bright is he.” Whispered the prince.
“Oh? You bunch still here? Don’t tell me you also want me to show cable television… the last guy spent the entire winter here watching hockey games EVERY day.”
“Wow… he really can see everything…”
“We want to find the fabulous-stupendous-miraculous-supreme Magician.”
“Hmm, fabulous-stupendous-miraculous-supreme Magician…” A pair of reading glasses appeared and settled itself on the face’s nose. A long scroll unrolled itself and floated in front of him.

“Here we go, 386, Summerhill Dr, Kamploops, British Columbia.” With a snap, the scroll re-rolled and sealed itself. “You have your information, now begone.”
“So where is this place?” Asked the Princess as she picked up the bunny who had come back, and attempted to separate it and the jewel studded gold goblet it had found and was trying to chew. (“It’s too hard.. and doesn’t taste very good.” It complained when it finally let go.)
“Somewhere up in the Great White North, uncharted territory.” Replied the cat.
“Oh my gosh, there must be abnomiable snow monsters and sabertooth tigers up there!”
“Let’s get going, it’ll take us awhile to get there… now what??” The cat exclaimed as the Prince let out a scream of panic.
All three of them rushed over and found a well with three ladles hanging next to it, made from gold, silver, and bronze.
The cat groaned and slapped his face with one paw. “Don’t tell me you touched the gold one.” He muttered looking around for a stone/partial stone prince or a prince-turned-monster.
“Well I AM a prince, not a wood cutter. I’m suppose to touch the wrong one! It’s my destiny!” The voice sounded faint, and even more suspiciously, came from somewhere below.
“Well you don’t’ seem to be turning to stone.” Observed the Princess crouching down.
“No… but look at me! How can I slay dragons and rescue princesses like this!” Exclaimed the tiny figure as it jumped up and down agitatedly. The Prince looked exactly the same, except for the fact she was now barely as tall as the Princess’ forefinger.
“Well I think it’s an improvement, you are much cuter.”
“The fabulous-stupendous-miraculous-supreme Magician might be able to do something. Let’s try to get there as quickly as we can…Hey!” Growled the cat as the miniature Prince hopped nimbly onto his back.
“Ok, off we go my loyal steed!”
“I’m not HORSE. Ow!” Yelped the cat when he was pricked by the needle sized sword. “Ok, let’s try to get her back to normal as fast as possible.”

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11th May, 2006. 8:44 pm. Intro

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